Garlics playing laboratory

The other day realize What ignorant I am he he he… I bought some garlics and after three days happened this, I saw a blue almost green color among the garlics, I was like ooooh noooo I lost my garlics, but a chef told me NO no no those garlics are good still to be consumed, I was like imagine two fry eggs those were my eyes…, so the chef continued telling to me… that color is just chemical reaction between the sulfur, … yes!, the garlic contains sulfur!, how I was telling you the sulfur and a metal that can come from the cooking utensils or the water that comes from the pipes like copper, aluminum,... I don’t remember the other metal…, this reaction occurs because the garlic isn’t ripe sufficient. This color is only a chemical reaction, however, it is not related to the decomposition process, they can recover the white color just with heat. Every single day we learn something.