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H2O to loose weigh It isn’t a Myth

After a while taking rest because of my plantar fasciitis I gained like 5kg. It was the first day of December when I was hanging out with my girlfriend Tabatha y I saw a scale, and I was like Let me try it, but I never imagine I have gained 6 pounds, when you use leggings o sport pants you never know if you are gaining weigh. OK for me it was too much I never have had that number on the scale. Immediately I left my girlfriend’s house angry and surprised at the same time.

The next morning I thought well is December and it will be stupid make a diet, because here in my country the people eat a lot, all days are good to celebrate, but I could try drinking water like that woman I was looked on internet and she had deleted her wrinkles just drinking 3Lt of water. Then I just wanted to know if I could have a better skin, those days I had little bags below my eyes, so I did it.

I noticed when I drunk all that water, 3Lts every single day, I had more thirty that was interesting for me, during that December I binged a lot as is normal that month and no exercises, after a month I mean at the beginning of the next year I thought well is moment to star a diet and I remembered the number on the scale the last time then when I put my body on the scale I saw almost 4 kg less, and do you know what? those bags below my eyes gone too. I couldn’t believe it, so yes it works!