A cute face…

This face in my coffee was telling me happy Halloween, isn’t is nice? That made me smile that morning.

Details like that can make the difference among all the coffee stores, you know is part of the experience, so more than a simple coffee was what it made me feel, this could be the start for a relationship with that cafeteria; a face like that always deserve to take a picture.


You learn it and you never forget it

That is like riding a bicycle … I had a lot but a lot of time without doing it, I was afraid like the first time, well I was always afraid to hit the parking cars when I made the turns, I think because I was afraid, I fell more than once… This part was not very nice, neither was the pain in my noble parts because of the seat, as my fantasy of using a large pink bicycle was not something planned, with the comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included, the vehicle used was a super speed bike and with the seat very hard and small, It was funny, of course, although I like to see professional drivers in the Giro d’Italia, I did not have the slightest idea that there are bicycles with speeds… I am very ignorant; I know In truth, and despite of all the fright, it was very pleasant to discover that if I could do it and I could feel that breeze of liberation in my face, it was insurmountable. I have to say that I succeeded thanks to the guy from Miami, that is my coach who encouraged me. I would like to repeat the experience with my coach but using a purple bicycle with a comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included.