Youth is an attitude not a age

These days I was thinking like I don’t want to see myself when I’m older. I think that something I have to do now to be strong and to be able to enjoy life fullest when I grow up, of course adopting a healthy lifestyle is basic but also and not least is the attitude you have now to life and before the coming days, exercise the mind and make changes in our way of thinking, stop thinking you are old because you are in your 80s, I really do not think you should be serious because you think you’re old, I think being so serious is not healthy is our responsibility to continue thinking as young even when the years go by, adopting a positive attitude of gratitude and never stop setting goals, that if from now on we practicing changing our thoughts and attitudes that hurt and sick for good vibes, and we set some small or big goals, I can think of something like studying, love yourself, looking others without reserve, to smile more, to reward us more, to allow ourselves to be mistaken, planing trips, thinking less and feeling more, believing ourselves deserving and then to make of this a custom that accompanies us until our last sigh.