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What is Happiness?

I know this question What is happiness? can be a cliche like Who I am? but the true is sometimes these questions appears suddenly in our minds.

Is common listening people make a wish an blah blah blah. In my case I never think about having a mansion having new Audi or visiting on a free trip to French Polynesia. Of course I would like to visit those beaches. I always think I wish to be happy.

You can say, to be happy is not precise and I think the same that is not a sort of thought precise if you want to attract something. Happiness can be easy or not to visualize. Maybe just happiness is more to feel instead to imagine.

Some people think

One day a little man told me happiness is when you need lees things, like when you think you do not need nothing. Make some sense, is not true?

Lately I have been trying to find some answer about myself. Talking a bout What is happiness? some people can say me you have all to be happy, they use to say you have air, water, shelter and food.

What I think about What is happiness?

But what I think is we are not like animals just needing that. People needs more. Maybe you are trying to know why your are not happy even dough enjoining air, water, food and shelter.

I found an answer, and I am absolutely agreed with these words. I famous philosopher man said about What is happiness? And I finally understand. People aside the most necessary things to live, need someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.

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Write yourself a letter and find out what you felt in the past

I really don’t remember why I found that website. Have you ever thought writing a letter for yourself to the future? Oh my goodness what a fantastic idea!. Is like you can write a letter talking about what is affecting now and what are your goals or what’s going on with you. After some years in the future you will receive that letter, well I wish we could be alive to receive it, well lets imagine we will be alive.

What I think this is very interesting for me because you can realize how much you’ve matured or how immature you were and how much you have grown or better than that it is really interesting knowing if you reach your past goals or if you are working on it still and another deeply things. I am still thinking about what I will write in my letter. If you already know what you want to write go and visit


English Reflections

Handling the Frustration

I think frustration is one of the most horrible word in English, isn’t it?  well there are many other horrible words in English, one of them could be wrinkle, I mentioned horrible not just because they are not easy to pronounce and what they can make you feel he he…  We can find many horrible words in all languages too.

The English teacher and coaches say… Think in English, some of them say too how do that
and others say don’t worry if you make mistakes,

and I agree with that. Now I think it is fine and necessary make mistakes in order to learn. But what about when you learner don’t understand the native American people.

Well, I have talked about patience, I remember every single day I have to be patience with my parents,
friends and with me, specially when I can’t understand people talking in English.

The frustration is too hard and makes feel stupid. Today suddenly appears like a voice in
my mine telling me… wait you don’t need to feel stupid… try cleaning your head of all those prejudices against yourself… I don’t think the babies when they are learning talk they feel or express a kind of frustration.
Just they try to do the best, and they don’t care what the adult people think about them and that’s it.
I thought …hey I am a learner and What’s the problem if I don’t understand… just be happy one day you’ll understand, just take a breath and keep studying… be patience girl. I know won’t be easy be patience but for me the first big step is recognize it. I’m going to focus in something better than my frustration.

The teachers and coaches should say us how we can handle the frustration when we don’t understand.
I just think I am like a baby learning English… so relax little girl.

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Littles Challenges

The other day I heard to say Don’t challenge you because God will be better or something like that, but I don’t want waiting for new God’s challenge, all kind of challenges works given us new knowledge and lights to walk the path of our life; the first day when I conscientious decided to face small and new challenges I realize I could enjoy more my existent. I believe God push us having those thoughts, we are giving steps forward just when we face them. I am going to tell you what little things I have faced like a real challenge, one was the first time I cut and I sew a shirt, I kept with that fabric in my wardrobe almost one month, that day I woke up fast and after my coffee I talked myself, and I was like I am tired to fell anxieties just thinking me ruining the fabric, then I took the scissor and I just made it; I stopped thinking. Our minds are like a railway engine, isn’t it? non easy to stop it. Now I have sewed two dresses, one blouse, one skirt, one sleep dress, and inf fact I’m asking me How I did that?, I think was the hand of God. I liked to face that challenge because I could give a step forward.

My first clothes


We can draw

I could not believe it, always I thought one my sister is the drawer among the siblings, but recently that changed. I watched a video where a kind man gave some simple directions to make some fantastic cartoon faces. I just said Wow I can draw! that man was correct!. We have hidden skills that we don’t know. Here some of my draws.


Eyes and nose
Eyes and nose



mouth and ears
mouth and ears


more simple lines




Who we are?

Have you ever asked you who you are? For me that is not an easy question. I am sure many people could think that is crazy, but I think that is a way to avoid the question. Some time ago I asked some of my girlfriends and some of them asked me … Are you OK?, Are you going through difficult times? In other words… Are you crazy? he he, I wanted to know What adjectives they could see in me? When I asked myself, it wasn’t easy the response, personally I am a little hard with myself. In general, I think we don’t take sufficient time to think about it, when we try to think about it happens something like a black out in our minds. So this makes me wonder, we are what we think about our selves or what the other people think about our self? I’m sure the people should have different opinions about us.


Measures of love ?!

I always have listened this Love has not age, I agree with that. But what about the time it needs to fall in love or to became in couple. There is some interesting information and comments about those topics where some researchers say it takes an average of ten dates so that two people who are attracted discover all that they have in common and falling in love, for me that sounds reasonable. What about became in couples? …please  tell me what do you think or maybe I should ask you What do you feel about it. In my opinion I feel that a perfect moment is just that moment when we win the battle against our fears and insecurities to be able to take the decision to take advantage of our time to live and enjoy as a couple the most beautiful feeling that exists and that makes us feel really alive, love.


Youth is an attitude not a age

These days I was thinking like I don’t want to see myself when I’m older. I think that something I have to do now to be strong and to be able to enjoy life fullest when I grow up, of course adopting a healthy lifestyle is basic but also and not least is the attitude you have now to life and before the coming days, exercise the mind and make changes in our way of thinking, stop thinking you are old because you are in your 80s, I really do not think you should be serious because you think you’re old, I think being so serious is not healthy is our responsibility to continue thinking as young even when the years go by, adopting a positive attitude of gratitude and never stop setting goals, that if from now on we practicing changing our thoughts and attitudes that hurt and sick for good vibes, and we set some small or big goals, I can think of something like studying, love yourself, looking others without reserve, to smile more, to reward us more, to allow ourselves to be mistaken, planing trips, thinking less and feeling more, believing ourselves deserving and then to make of this a custom that accompanies us until our last sigh.


A perfect quote

That is my little blackboard, I wrote those words I read on a post, and I know I will forget those words soon although I am almost convinced that is true, I have been studying a second language and think I agree with an English teacher who says studying a second language is one of the most difficult things to learn, so maybe for that reason mi brain overheating and smoking, now writing this I smell smoke…. So just trying to learn English makes believe I am better than I think and now I have a spontaneous smile in my face he he…, I like this quote, really it makes me feel nice and smart. I want to give you that quote, maybe you are not convinced of that yet, I hope you will be soon.



With music please

We have been thinking about how to find the way to happiness, but now we know happiness is just a decision or better told a few little decisions.  Sounds really easy, and it is! There are some things that really go far to make people feel happy. It doesn’t matter what culture you are.  One of those things is music, and I don’t know why.  Have you ever felt that   sensation in your body when you are listening to music? I am sure yes, and  I would like to know why just listening music we want to move our bodies and we feel a little happy. The life without music is so amazing and so different than a life within,I think we have a perfect relation with music, but we decide to not listen to music, or listen inconsistently.  How about if we try to recover or to built the habit to listen music almost every day in our lives? we could use an alert in our smartphones. After all,  I had forgotten, I prefer the life …with music please…