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Knowing the lettering world

It was a something great when I discovered the creative world of lettering. When I was looking up about Bullet Journal and discovered the art of draw letters.

There are some different tools to develop this art. We can find an special paper, pencils, markers, brushes.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

Some times we can feel like overwhelmed when we want to star something really different than normally we use to do.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

Cheap at the beginning

I am here to help you. Let´s begin talking about tools. Dear, just take a pencil, yes that´s all. Yes, that is the best very first step.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

The first steps will be re learning, that is to say, we need to switch our brain when we are writing.

We need to say to our brain “hey brain, do you know there is a new way to write”, that way will be making upstrokes with light press and downstrokes with a little more press.

Don’t think just take time

You will need a lot of paper and develop a new memory in our muscles.

Therefore you just need a regular pencil HB or 2 and regular those notebooks with leftovers pages or photocopy-paper the cheapest.

Meanwhile you are improving and feeling more confidence, you can use those darker and soft pencils.

However and honestly it is not necessary buying any pencils or pens at the very first steps. You won’t to waste ink in this point just doing basics strokes.

After your first step forward

In the future you will realize if you want to do lettering then you will should buy special pencils and those brush pens, smooth paper and more.

To sum up, after a while using pencil I started to use markers but not at all, because, again, it takes time.

So go ahead take your pencil and start to practice and discover who you are like an artist.

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How I started my Bullet Journal?

If you are in your fourties you can understand not all people feels really comfortable using a digital calendars. So you will know in this post how was my experience starting the bullet journal planner.

Some time ago I was looking for a method to be more productive and I found the Bullet Journal. Is a very popular notebook and you can let fly your imagination writing or drawing or both.

I started my Bullet Journal on February 2019 so I am beginner in this field. But I am going to share in this article my very first experience with this method.

About notebooks

Some people use a regular notebook but with this method many people likes to use a doted one. If you choose a doted one you will need to learn how writing on it.

As I like to discover new things in order to learn something new, I chose a notebook with pages doted. This doted line have done a real challenge for me. It has been a little hard for me to keep my writing on the doted line, oh gosh I need a glasses!. All those little dots likes to dance with those pink elephants, like in the cartoons but in front of my eyes. Yes, you could need glasses too.

The key

We have to create a kind of key or symbols to write different kind of notes, like for events, really important things, appointments, tasks. You will find on internet what you want to use. I recommend do not being complicated and being simple using not a large amount of symbols.

That’s it

There is not limit to planner what you want. Then, planning will need to be part of your routine and  every weekend will be the best time to create a new plan.

My first experience

I have notice my Bullet Journal doesn’t look like I would like, but I always knew it would be that way. It is easy loosing our focus, do not forget that is a tool to help us being more productive. I am not rush if I do not write one day my to-do list.

After knowing this method I started to have an approach to other kind of expressions more artistic. I am discovering watercolor Technics and lettering because some people use to mix some different Technics to make their Bullet Journal fancy. For me knowing this new things has been a nice serendipity.

If Bullet Journal helps to be more productive or not, I do not yet, I think it is up to us

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Write yourself a letter and find out what you felt in the past

I really don’t remember why I found that website. Have you ever thought writing a letter for yourself to the future? Oh my goodness what a fantastic idea!. Is like you can write a letter talking about what is affecting now and what are your goals or what’s going on with you. After some years in the future you will receive that letter, well I wish we could be alive to receive it, well lets imagine we will be alive.

What I think this is very interesting for me because you can realize how much you’ve matured or how immature you were and how much you have grown or better than that it is really interesting knowing if you reach your past goals or if you are working on it still and another deeply things. I am still thinking about what I will write in my letter. If you already know what you want to write go and visit


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Why buying water?

My story like water drinker started when I was trying to have a benefit in my skin face, because I remember I watched a news talking about a woman who made disappear wrinkles in her face just ingesting 3 Lt of water. So I tried what that woman did. After that, I never could go out without my big cup full of water.

In my country we are living the most terrible crisis never before lived in all aspects. So buying a plastic bottle of water for me it’s not an option because is ridiculously expensive. I wonder if I can carry my water with me always available why I need to buy it? I have noticed sadly how much water is been buying for people and I can not understand if that people are ignorant about what is happening with all that plastic we’ve been buying, Are we conscience about the destination of all that plastic.

We are so fortunate just because we have water directly from a pipe then we don’tn need buy more water; save up all that money. We don’t need to create more garbage; carry your water from home for everywhere.

I carry my water in that container, is not snob and it is because I want to do something good for the planet, I am saving my money and I have noticed less wrinkles, less bags under my eyes, less weight, and when I have head ache or stomachache just water is my medication.

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Learning about different accents

You know I am learning my second language, and in this long way I realized we have to be more that patience. Many of different things have to go together, our mains need to be under our control too, because some emotions can go against us if we have not taken the controls of our thoughts.

I remember myself feeling like embarrassed ans sweating in a group of people, literally some times I wan to run away still. If we are learning something we need to challenge ourselves, I mean I can understand it is not great feeling awkward when you are in a group of people and you can not understand what they are talking about, or when you are watching a cartoon or a TV commercial, believe me I feel you. Well I have to tell you there is where you should be, yes feeling uncomfortable because there will be when your brain will give a step forward, you have to win the battle against your lazy brain and your thoughts so please be conscientious about that time and just don’t run away, don’t change the TV channel etc. Keeping listening and facing that awkward time is a key to enhance, You will gain confidence slowly and you will surprise when one day you start to understand that TV show or that song or the surrounding people.

One of those challenge you have to face can be listening o watching a video where the speaker has an accent, yes a teacher with Australian accent or British accent or a native Spanish speaker talking in that language you are learning. There are many kinds of accents, these are some examples, I know you got the point. This challenge will help you to feel less frustration.

I want to recommend one resource I use to training my ears. This is the site to hear different accents, so take a look and listen, listen and listen.

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WordPress MeetUp Caracas

And here I am trying to learn a little more about WordPress. Was an MeetUp event where we could know what is this platform. I want to be honest, I don’t have an abstract thought and understanding that is not necessary to be a designer or programmer to build a website or a blog. Oh my gosh it is still hard for my basic mind. Unless I released other guy were in pampers he he… ; that is a way to say there were other trainee. I have choice learning this in English so that makes this challenge more spicy. Well you know this kind of things are always better at English version because have more options to play. I loved the environment around this event. It seems nice belong this community. We are living in the collaborative era an WordPress show it to us.

Experiences Movie

What a movie!

That moment when your own tears says you “Hey let me show you can cry watching a movie still”… Is a great story, so romantic, funny and sad at the same time. It was my second time watching it. I thought what a wonderful is feeling emotions. If you think your hart is sufficiently hard to cry watching movies, but if you have a hart sensitive please don’t watch it. The heart-breaker movie is called Me Before You. So now is one of mines favorite movies ever. Thinking well… Is a little strange enjoying something when that makes you cry. Now you know Comedy-Drama films are the kind of movie I rather. Do you remember what was that movie made you cry?

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Littles Challenges

The other day I heard to say Don’t challenge you because God will be better or something like that, but I don’t want waiting for new God’s challenge, all kind of challenges works given us new knowledge and lights to walk the path of our life; the first day when I conscientious decided to face small and new challenges I realize I could enjoy more my existent. I believe God push us having those thoughts, we are giving steps forward just when we face them. I am going to tell you what little things I have faced like a real challenge, one was the first time I cut and I sew a shirt, I kept with that fabric in my wardrobe almost one month, that day I woke up fast and after my coffee I talked myself, and I was like I am tired to fell anxieties just thinking me ruining the fabric, then I took the scissor and I just made it; I stopped thinking. Our minds are like a railway engine, isn’t it? non easy to stop it. Now I have sewed two dresses, one blouse, one skirt, one sleep dress, and inf fact I’m asking me How I did that?, I think was the hand of God. I liked to face that challenge because I could give a step forward.

My first clothes


Last time doing something for the first time

July 2017, fishing in Florida waters was one of the last and nice experiences I have lived for first time, I never imagined do it before. I like to think about it, doing new things could be a great motivation to go out of the comfort area… I still remember being surrounded by all that Blue Sea… perfect day! When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what did you do?

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H2O to loose weigh It isn’t a Myth

After a while taking rest because of my plantar fasciitis I gained like 5kg. It was the first day of December when I was hanging out with my girlfriend Tabatha y I saw a scale, and I was like Let me try it, but I never imagine I have gained 6 pounds, when you use leggings o sport pants you never know if you are gaining weigh. OK for me it was too much I never have had that number on the scale. Immediately I left my girlfriend’s house angry and surprised at the same time.

The next morning I thought well is December and it will be stupid make a diet, because here in my country the people eat a lot, all days are good to celebrate, but I could try drinking water like that woman I was looked on internet and she had deleted her wrinkles just drinking 3Lt of water. Then I just wanted to know if I could have a better skin, those days I had little bags below my eyes, so I did it.

I noticed when I drunk all that water, 3Lts every single day, I had more thirty that was interesting for me, during that December I binged a lot as is normal that month and no exercises, after a month I mean at the beginning of the next year I thought well is moment to star a diet and I remembered the number on the scale the last time then when I put my body on the scale I saw almost 4 kg less, and do you know what? those bags below my eyes gone too. I couldn’t believe it, so yes it works!



You learn it and you never forget it

That is like riding a bicycle … I had a lot but a lot of time without doing it, I was afraid like the first time, well I was always afraid to hit the parking cars when I made the turns, I think because I was afraid, I fell more than once… This part was not very nice, neither was the pain in my noble parts because of the seat, as my fantasy of using a large pink bicycle was not something planned, with the comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included, the vehicle used was a super speed bike and with the seat very hard and small, It was funny, of course, although I like to see professional drivers in the Giro d’Italia, I did not have the slightest idea that there are bicycles with speeds… I am very ignorant; I know In truth, and despite of all the fright, it was very pleasant to discover that if I could do it and I could feel that breeze of liberation in my face, it was insurmountable. I have to say that I succeeded thanks to the guy from Miami, that is my coach who encouraged me. I would like to repeat the experience with my coach but using a purple bicycle with a comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included.