Singing in English

Singing in English is one of the most funny and effective method to practice English. I want to share with you a fantastic channel on YouTube. If you are a learner like me and you have noticed you can not understand the sings in English, I have a great recommendation, in fact I have used and […]

Learn a new language and get a new soul. Czech proverb.

Since I have been studying English by myself, I have experimented a kind of phenomenon or shift in my personality well I’m not sure but definitely is something estrange. There are some studies related with this. It seems is something related with psychology. I want to tell you what I am thinking and feeling about it. I think […]

English courses, not for me!

I think you already know grammar is not the first path you must take to learn to speak in English or other language, at least until you reach advanced intermediate level in conversation and at that point the grammar will change from being a headache to being ¨piece Of cake I understood that you have […]