Knowing the lettering world

Knowing the lettering world

It was a something great when I discovered the creative world of lettering. When I was looking up about Bullet Journal and discovered the art of draw letters.

There are some different tools to develop this art. We can find an special paper, pencils, markers, brushes.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

Some times we can feel like overwhelmed when we want to star something really different than normally we use to do.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

Cheap at the beginning

I am here to help you. Let´s begin talking about tools. Dear, just take a pencil, yes that´s all. Yes, that is the best very first step.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

The first steps will be re learning, that is to say, we need to switch our brain when we are writing.

We need to say to our brain “hey brain, do you know there is a new way to write”, that way will be making upstrokes with light press and downstrokes with a little more press.

Don’t think just take time

You will need a lot of paper and develop a new memory in our muscles.

Therefore you just need a regular pencil HB or 2 and regular those notebooks with leftovers pages or photocopy-paper the cheapest.

Meanwhile you are improving and feeling more confidence, you can use those darker and soft pencils.

However and honestly it is not necessary buying any pencils or pens at the very first steps. You won’t to waste ink in this point just doing basics strokes.

After your first step forward

In the future you will realize if you want to do lettering then you will should buy special pencils and those brush pens, smooth paper and more.

To sum up, after a while using pencil I started to use markers but not at all, because, again, it takes time.

So go ahead take your pencil and start to practice and discover who you are like an artist.