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Knowing the lettering world

It was a something great when I discovered the creative world of lettering. When I was looking up about Bullet Journal and discovered the art of draw letters.

There are some different tools to develop this art. We can find an special paper, pencils, markers, brushes.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

Some times we can feel like overwhelmed when we want to star something really different than normally we use to do.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

Cheap at the beginning

I am here to help you. Let´s begin talking about tools. Dear, just take a pencil, yes that´s all. Yes, that is the best very first step.

When you start to make the first stroke you will understand why won’t need brush pens.

The first steps will be re learning, that is to say, we need to switch our brain when we are writing.

We need to say to our brain “hey brain, do you know there is a new way to write”, that way will be making upstrokes with light press and downstrokes with a little more press.

Don’t think just take time

You will need a lot of paper and develop a new memory in our muscles.

Therefore you just need a regular pencil HB or 2 and regular those notebooks with leftovers pages or photocopy-paper the cheapest.

Meanwhile you are improving and feeling more confidence, you can use those darker and soft pencils.

However and honestly it is not necessary buying any pencils or pens at the very first steps. You won’t to waste ink in this point just doing basics strokes.

After your first step forward

In the future you will realize if you want to do lettering then you will should buy special pencils and those brush pens, smooth paper and more.

To sum up, after a while using pencil I started to use markers but not at all, because, again, it takes time.

So go ahead take your pencil and start to practice and discover who you are like an artist.

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What is Happiness?

I know this question What is happiness? can be a cliche like Who I am? but the true is sometimes these questions appears suddenly in our minds.

Is common listening people make a wish an blah blah blah. In my case I never think about having a mansion having new Audi or visiting on a free trip to French Polynesia. Of course I would like to visit those beaches. I always think I wish to be happy.

You can say, to be happy is not precise and I think the same that is not a sort of thought precise if you want to attract something. Happiness can be easy or not to visualize. Maybe just happiness is more to feel instead to imagine.

Some people think

One day a little man told me happiness is when you need lees things, like when you think you do not need nothing. Make some sense, is not true?

Lately I have been trying to find some answer about myself. Talking a bout What is happiness? some people can say me you have all to be happy, they use to say you have air, water, shelter and food.

What I think about What is happiness?

But what I think is we are not like animals just needing that. People needs more. Maybe you are trying to know why your are not happy even dough enjoining air, water, food and shelter.

I found an answer, and I am absolutely agreed with these words. I famous philosopher man said about What is happiness? And I finally understand. People aside the most necessary things to live, need someone to love, something to do and something to hope for.

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How I started my Bullet Journal?

If you are in your fourties you can understand not all people feels really comfortable using a digital calendars. So you will know in this post how was my experience starting the bullet journal planner.

Some time ago I was looking for a method to be more productive and I found the Bullet Journal. Is a very popular notebook and you can let fly your imagination writing or drawing or both.

I started my Bullet Journal on February 2019 so I am beginner in this field. But I am going to share in this article my very first experience with this method.

About notebooks

Some people use a regular notebook but with this method many people likes to use a doted one. If you choose a doted one you will need to learn how writing on it.

As I like to discover new things in order to learn something new, I chose a notebook with pages doted. This doted line have done a real challenge for me. It has been a little hard for me to keep my writing on the doted line, oh gosh I need a glasses!. All those little dots likes to dance with those pink elephants, like in the cartoons but in front of my eyes. Yes, you could need glasses too.

The key

We have to create a kind of key or symbols to write different kind of notes, like for events, really important things, appointments, tasks. You will find on internet what you want to use. I recommend do not being complicated and being simple using not a large amount of symbols.

That’s it

There is not limit to planner what you want. Then, planning will need to be part of your routine and  every weekend will be the best time to create a new plan.

My first experience

I have notice my Bullet Journal doesn’t look like I would like, but I always knew it would be that way. It is easy loosing our focus, do not forget that is a tool to help us being more productive. I am not rush if I do not write one day my to-do list.

After knowing this method I started to have an approach to other kind of expressions more artistic. I am discovering watercolor Technics and lettering because some people use to mix some different Technics to make their Bullet Journal fancy. For me knowing this new things has been a nice serendipity.

If Bullet Journal helps to be more productive or not, I do not yet, I think it is up to us