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Write yourself a letter and find out what you felt in the past

I really don’t remember why I found that website. Have you ever thought writing a letter for yourself to the future? Oh my goodness what a fantastic idea!. Is like you can write a letter talking about what is affecting now and what are your goals or what’s going on with you. After some years in the future you will receive that letter, well I wish we could be alive to receive it, well lets imagine we will be alive.

What I think this is very interesting for me because you can realize how much you’ve matured or how immature you were and how much you have grown or better than that it is really interesting knowing if you reach your past goals or if you are working on it still and another deeply things. I am still thinking about what I will write in my letter. If you already know what you want to write go and visit


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Why buying water?

My story like water drinker started when I was trying to have a benefit in my skin face, because I remember I watched a news talking about a woman who made disappear wrinkles in her face just ingesting 3 Lt of water. So I tried what that woman did. After that, I never could go out without my big cup full of water.

In my country we are living the most terrible crisis never before lived in all aspects. So buying a plastic bottle of water for me it’s not an option because is ridiculously expensive. I wonder if I can carry my water with me always available why I need to buy it? I have noticed sadly how much water is been buying for people and I can not understand if that people are ignorant about what is happening with all that plastic we’ve been buying, Are we conscience about the destination of all that plastic.

We are so fortunate just because we have water directly from a pipe then we don’tn need buy more water; save up all that money. We don’t need to create more garbage; carry your water from home for everywhere.

I carry my water in that container, is not snob and it is because I want to do something good for the planet, I am saving my money and I have noticed less wrinkles, less bags under my eyes, less weight, and when I have head ache or stomachache just water is my medication.