Singing in English

Singing in English is one of the most funny and effective method to practice English. I want to share with you a fantastic channel on YouTube. If you are a learner like me and you have noticed you can not understand the sings in English, I have a great recommendation, in fact I have used and now I can sing one and understand it. First of all you need to remember not all the singers are good to learn I like Ed Sheeran because has some songs really nice and easy to understand and to pronounce. It is a useful method to increase your motivation.

All is better if you enjoy doing it. After a while practicing with this channel I have improved my listening skills in English. You probably can get to think when you are using this method you aren’t learning, I told you because we never associate listening music with learning. You can think you are loosing your time but not, at the beginning I felt like that!, this is just a nice method and so avoid those thoughts.

That will be a magic moment so take 15 minutes every day to listen an easy song and reading the lyric at the same time and enjoy it without any guilty. That channel was made for Spanish speakers learning English. Go and check .