French words to speak in English

French words

I barely know some things about French like some words dough I never had French classes, so the name of the capital, just few things. I’m sure like some of you. That support what I think about to language learning, We can speak in other languages, and We don’t need books to do it. That is the great of the language, Isn’t it?

I’ve never had studied French, however I can say some words and knowing its meanings. Think about it, How many french words have you used regularly speaking your native language? I’m going to write some sentences with some of french words we say when we are speaking in English. These words are important part of English language.

Did you know these bold words are French?

The enterpernuer needs to be prepare to face some situations…

That chef is very famous.

I want to buy souvenirs for may family and …

This is amazing I’m living a deja vu

The pants size M is too big I’m looking for size petite.

I’m so hungry, I just think at the moment when hors d’ oeuvre arrive.

You look so chic with that outfit!

We going to go the picnic.

I just read those sentences and I can notice how beautiful is the English language. I know other languages like Spanish had influenced the English language, maybe the German language too or other. I want to know more about this. I can not imagine a Chinese word among the Spanish language…

There are more of that I showed here, and you have pronounced  them a lot of time in your speeches.  It’ll be interesting search about how the languages influence each other.  So when somebody asks you how many words do you know in French?, please don’t lie, remember to say few ones not just oui oui.