Handling the Frustration

I think frustration is one of the most horrible word in English, isn’t it?  well there are many other horrible words in English, one of them could be wrinkle, I mentioned horrible not just because they are not easy to pronounce and what they can make you feel he he…  We can find many horrible words in all languages too.

The English teacher and coaches say… Think in English, some of them say too how do that
and others say don’t worry if you make mistakes,

and I agree with that. Now I think it is fine and necessary make mistakes in order to learn. But what about when you learner don’t understand the native American people.

Well, I have talked about patience, I remember every single day I have to be patience with my parents,
friends and with me, specially when I can’t understand people talking in English.

The frustration is too hard and makes feel stupid. Today suddenly appears like a voice in
my mine telling me… wait you don’t need to feel stupid… try cleaning your head of all those prejudices against yourself… I don’t think the babies when they are learning talk they feel or express a kind of frustration.
Just they try to do the best, and they don’t care what the adult people think about them and that’s it.
I thought …hey I am a learner and What’s the problem if I don’t understand… just be happy one day you’ll understand, just take a breath and keep studying… be patience girl. I know won’t be easy be patience but for me the first big step is recognize it. I’m going to focus in something better than my frustration.

The teachers and coaches should say us how we can handle the frustration when we don’t understand.
I just think I am like a baby learning English… so relax little girl.