Experiences Movie

What a movie!

That moment when your own tears says you “Hey let me show you can cry watching a movie still”… Is a great story, so romantic, funny and sad at the same time. It was my second time watching it. I thought what a wonderful is feeling emotions. If you think your hart is sufficiently hard to cry watching movies, but if you have a hart sensitive please don’t watch it. The heart-breaker movie is called Me Before You. So now is one of mines favorite movies ever. Thinking well… Is a little strange enjoying something when that makes you cry. Now you know Comedy-Drama films are the kind of movie I rather. Do you remember what was that movie made you cry?

Experiences Reflections

Littles Challenges

The other day I heard to say Don’t challenge you because God will be better or something like that, but I don’t want waiting for new God’s challenge, all kind of challenges works given us new knowledge and lights to walk the path of our life; the first day when I conscientious decided to face small and new challenges I realize I could enjoy more my existent. I believe God push us having those thoughts, we are giving steps forward just when we face them. I am going to tell you what little things I have faced like a real challenge, one was the first time I cut and I sew a shirt, I kept with that fabric in my wardrobe almost one month, that day I woke up fast and after my coffee I talked myself, and I was like I am tired to fell anxieties just thinking me ruining the fabric, then I took the scissor and I just made it; I stopped thinking. Our minds are like a railway engine, isn’t it? non easy to stop it. Now I have sewed two dresses, one blouse, one skirt, one sleep dress, and inf fact I’m asking me How I did that?, I think was the hand of God. I liked to face that challenge because I could give a step forward.

My first clothes