Who we are?

Have you ever asked you who you are? For me that is not an easy question. I am sure many people could think that is crazy, but I think that is a way to avoid the question. Some time ago I asked some of my girlfriends and some of them asked me … Are you OK?, Are you going through difficult times? In other words… Are you crazy? he he, I wanted to know What adjectives they could see in me? When I asked myself, it wasn’t easy the response, personally I am a little hard with myself. In general, I think we don’t take sufficient time to think about it, when we try to think about it happens something like a black out in our minds. So this makes me wonder, we are what we think about our selves or what the other people think about our self? I’m sure the people should have different opinions about us.


Patience if you are a language student

Are you patience? In general, we are not patience, it is hard, we waste a lot of energy when we are not. That is one of the most important advice I have heard… Studying or learning a language is really a kind of suffering, yes it is, especially when you aren’t a baby and when the schools lie to you telling “with my method you can speak other language in 30 days”, Oh my gosh… those words had been killing my capability to be patience. I want to be honest saying I never had looked for the word Patience in the dictionary, well you don’t need to go the dictionary to know what you are saying… and guess what ? That word is related with suffering so knowing the meaning of that word that make me understand the best way you can face your learning is enjoying while you wait in one word Be Patience and be diligent.


Last time doing something for the first time

July 2017, fishing in Florida waters was one of the last and nice experiences I have lived for first time, I never imagined do it before. I like to think about it, doing new things could be a great motivation to go out of the comfort area… I still remember being surrounded by all that Blue Sea… perfect day! When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what did you do?