The Get’s world

The Get’s world

Get is the word with more room at the dictionary, for me has been like a nightmare.

Today I restarted to study about it. One of the way you can use get is GET + INFINITIVE VERB, the verbs like to wash, to finish, to phone, to kiss…, I mean To + Verb are called infinitive verb, they are the base of the verbs. When get is followed by an infinitive, it means like “have an opportunity”.

Like the major of people I learn faster with examples. Here two examples:

  1. I was at the concert but I didn’t get to see him
  2. He loved that car, He never got to buy it
  3. I get to phone my boss, but I’m shy
  4. I get to use the wash machine
  5. She get to win the lottery
  6. Although we lived in the same house for several years, I never really got to know her

To be continue…