I can know it for your back

Recently I read in a blog about adopting a good posture makes you look taller and attractive. Now, beyond vanity to be aware of maintaining a correct posture can help us to have a better attitude to life, to project a better image of ourselves, some times when we are really sad or depress the people can know it, a bad posture could bring you a degenerative problem in your back when we reach old age. That make me remember the few moments when I almost fall in depress, and I remember perfectly my shoulders down and my back curved, one day thought …I don’t want to see me like this!, so I could be conscious about myself and my posture, and I started to practice yoga. I think stretching is related with a correct posture and our posture could be related with our mood or with hard situations from our past. In the morning the wear and tear is basic and necessary to help have a good posture from the beginning of the day, being aware helps us to correct immediately. Although it is not easy at the beginning, I think it is a great step to be aware of this issue and to correct at all times. The key awareness,  is to remember that your ears should be aligned with your shoulders, our bellies into our core. So not only to see you taller or sexy, that is really nice too,  go and stand up correctly, just up our chest and open our arms in the morning in front of our mirror makes you feel like a hero ready to live a great day, you will like seeing what images you are projecting, and I am sure you could have a better quality of life in the future. For me a good posture is like a way to show myself thankfulness to be alive and it’s like a boost keeping me walking…


You learn it and you never forget it

That is like riding a bicycle … I had a lot but a lot of time without doing it, I was afraid like the first time, well I was always afraid to hit the parking cars when I made the turns, I think because I was afraid, I fell more than once… This part was not very nice, neither was the pain in my noble parts because of the seat, as my fantasy of using a large pink bicycle was not something planned, with the comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included, the vehicle used was a super speed bike and with the seat very hard and small, It was funny, of course, although I like to see professional drivers in the Giro d’Italia, I did not have the slightest idea that there are bicycles with speeds… I am very ignorant; I know In truth, and despite of all the fright, it was very pleasant to discover that if I could do it and I could feel that breeze of liberation in my face, it was insurmountable. I have to say that I succeeded thanks to the guy from Miami, that is my coach who encouraged me. I would like to repeat the experience with my coach but using a purple bicycle with a comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included.


With music please

We have been thinking about how to find the way to happiness, but now we know happiness is just a decision or better told a few little decisions.  Sounds really easy, and it is! There are some things that really go far to make people feel happy. It doesn’t matter what culture you are.  One of those things is music, and I don’t know why.  Have you ever felt that   sensation in your body when you are listening to music? I am sure yes, and  I would like to know why just listening music we want to move our bodies and we feel a little happy. The life without music is so amazing and so different than a life within,I think we have a perfect relation with music, but we decide to not listen to music, or listen inconsistently.  How about if we try to recover or to built the habit to listen music almost every day in our lives? we could use an alert in our smartphones. After all,  I had forgotten, I prefer the life …with music please…