A noise competitive

The other day I was  using the vacuum at home, and remembered I don’t like doing this be cause of the noisy, I like an environment calm and silent, I remembered too a show where they are talking about qualify employee to built a cool noisy for vacuum, I thought What?? that was in one of those Nordic countries, that man is be able to built a noise to invite the costumer to buy, so those artifacts has to be very competitive talking about features, and believe it or not that man can receive a lot of money just doing that because just few people in the world can know about the perfect noise of the vacuum to be more attractive a vacuum, so the industry knows how important is the noisy at the time to make a purchase decision then the sound should be not to laud and not silent, to me was really surprised knowing more about the vacuum industry, I’ve never imagined this before.


Testing a menu

Yes!! This is definitely the best part of the process of creating a restaurant menu, it’s really nice to be guinea pigs on one occasion like that although fortunately it’s not my first time, it’s always very nice and fun, I’m sure my levels of sugar in blood and my level of body fat have risen like foam as a result of testing and testing however I can visualize running every morning to counteract this inexorable rise in weight. This time I’ve been a guinea pig trying masses of pizza, chicken wings, bacon fries, donuts, Oreo milk shake.



And one day I realized that I wanted to grow and share how much is in my head to maybe help others and face this new challenge of writing and expressing myself as part of the process in my personal growth. I have always been the observer type which has helped me to learn and now I am sure that using the written expression I will travel a new path of discovery and learning, because something good has to happen and if my words serve you for something would be the best of all.


English courses, not for me!

I think you already know grammar is not the first path you must take to learn to speak in English or other language, at least until you reach advanced intermediate level in conversation and at that point the grammar will change from being a headache to being ¨piece Of cake I understood that you have to use the most basic and simple method to learn a language and is to listen and repeat thousands of times, so one day I said ok I’m like a baby who does not know how to speak, so I asked myself … how do babies learn? Simple … watching and listening to your parents talking, watching children’s movies and listening to children’s songs over and over and over and over and over … To me I loved this method is like that you enter the English to the head very naturally, alone You must become serious and spend a couple of hours every day and another hour to write those same sentences or songs in a notebook. Get into the head that you are a baby and that of watching action films etc is very difficult, you are going to frustrate, babies do not learn with those films. I discovered these series on the PBS Kids channel and then I found them on Youtube, they are “Tiger’s Neighborhood”, “Super Why”, and in songs the best Youtube channels for me were “Super Single Songs readalong” this lyrics, ¨Little Baby Bum¨ this is fabulous because it also has kareoke for when you know the songs you can practice and with this same name you can get the versions for languages ​​other than English, another is ¨English SingSing¨ these are songs with lyrics and with kareoke and series For all levels and ¨Little Fox¨ spectacular, these are simply THE BEST, there are millions more but for you to avoid the long job of random search go direct to these that I left here.