Write yourself a letter and find out what you felt in the past

I really don’t remember why I found that website. Have you ever thought writing a letter for yourself to the future? Oh my goodness what a fantastic idea!. Is like you can write a letter talking about what is affecting now and what are your goals or what’s going on with you. After some years in the future you will receive that letter, well I wish we could be alive to receive it, well lets imagine we will be alive.

What I think this is very interesting for me because you can realize how much you’ve matured or how immature you were and how much you have grown or better than that it is really interesting knowing if you reach your past goals or if you are working on it still and another deeply things. I am still thinking about what I will write in my letter. If you already know what you want to write go and visit futureme.org


Why buying water?

My story like water drinker started when I was trying to have a benefit in my skin face, because I remember I watched a news talking about a woman who made disappear wrinkles in her face just ingesting 3 Lt of water. So I tried what that woman did. After that, I never could go out without my big cup full of water.

In my country we are living the most terrible crisis never before lived in all aspects. So buying a plastic bottle of water for me it’s not an option because is ridiculously expensive. I wonder if I can carry my water with me always available why I need to buy it? I have noticed sadly how much water is been buying for people and I can not understand if that people are ignorant about what is happening with all that plastic we’ve been buying, Are we conscience about the destination of all that plastic.

We are so fortunate just because we have water directly from a pipe then we don’tn need buy more water; save up all that money. We don’t need to create more garbage; carry your water from home for everywhere.

I carry my water in that container, is not snob and it is because I want to do something good for the planet, I am saving my money and I have noticed less wrinkles, less bags under my eyes, less weight, and when I have head ache or stomachache just water is my medication.

Learning about different accents

You know I am learning my second language, and in this long way I realized we have to be more that patience. Many of different things have to go together, our mains need to be under our control too, because some emotions can go against us if we have not taken the controls of our thoughts.

I remember myself feeling like embarrassed ans sweating in a group of people, literally some times I wan to run away still. If we are learning something we need to challenge ourselves, I mean I can understand it is not great feeling awkward when you are in a group of people and you can not understand what they are talking about, or when you are watching a cartoon or a TV commercial, believe me I feel you. Well I have to tell you there is where you should be, yes feeling uncomfortable because there will be when your brain will give a step forward, you have to win the battle against your lazy brain and your thoughts so please be conscientious about that time and just don’t run away, don’t change the TV channel etc. Keeping listening and facing that awkward time is a key to enhance, You will gain confidence slowly and you will surprise when one day you start to understand that TV show or that song or the surrounding people.

One of those challenge you have to face can be listening o watching a video where the speaker has an accent, yes a teacher with Australian accent or British accent or a native Spanish speaker talking in that language you are learning. There are many kinds of accents, these are some examples, I know you got the point. This challenge will help you to feel less frustration.

I want to recommend one resource I use to training my ears. This is the site to hear different accents http://elllo.org/, so take a look and listen, listen and listen.

The Best Pizza Dough

This topic can be easy or complicated, I could take a lot of time searching and trying  to understand about the best pizza dough. I’ve the thought the cookers are a little sensitive when you want to give your opinion; I don’t want to touch that key. I am wondering why we are trying find the best recipe among the best.  Who said this one is the best recipe?

The pizza dough is a typical case when you listen and find a million of different ways to make it. What I believe is all the final results will be different because many factors has to see in to have “the best pizza dough” oh my gosh…!

I’m a good eater, and for me the best will be that what I like not necessary that what the people say is the best. Talking about recipes never will be the same if you make it at home. The New York style needs to be pretty thin and what flavor we can notice in there?. Some people say the best pizza dough should be simple. Maybe you are that kind of pizza lover who think the most important is what flavors the pizza on the top, the complete art.

The pizza is a unique dish, I’d dare to say the most popular in the world. So the best pizza dough will be that what make the best match with all those toppings you like he he…

Who have the true?  We should try a few or several recipes and make little changes in order to find the best pizza dough. In fact what is the most important? How many hungry we have and the best quality of the ingredients will help and there is an essential one, don’t forget the pinch of love.

Singing in English

Singing in English is one of the most funny and effective method to practice English. I want to share with you a fantastic channel on YouTube. If you are a learner like me and you have noticed you can not understand the sings in English, I have a great recommendation, in fact I have used and now I can sing one and understand it. First of all you need to remember not all the singers are good to learn I like Ed Sheeran because has some songs really nice and easy to understand and to pronounce. It is a useful method to increase your motivation.

All is better if you enjoy doing it. After a while practicing with this channel I have improved my listening skills in English. You probably can get to think when you are using this method you aren’t learning, I told you because we never associate listening music with learning. You can think you are loosing your time but not, at the beginning I felt like that!, this is just a nice method and so avoid those thoughts.

That will be a magic moment so take 15 minutes every day to listen an easy song and reading the lyric at the same time and enjoy it without any guilty. That channel was made for Spanish speakers learning English. Go and check https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFs-ggEbPWeCSTC4qL8a9LQ .

French words to speak in English

French words

I barely know some things about French like some words dough I never had French classes, so the name of the capital, just few things. I’m sure like some of you. That support what I think about to language learning, We can speak in other languages, and We don’t need books to do it. That is the great of the language, Isn’t it?

I’ve never had studied French, however I can say some words and knowing its meanings. Think about it, How many french words have you used regularly speaking your native language? I’m going to write some sentences with some of french words we say when we are speaking in English. These words are important part of English language.

Did you know these bold words are French?

The enterpernuer needs to be prepare to face some situations…

That chef is very famous.

I want to buy souvenirs for may family and …

This is amazing I’m living a deja vu

The pants size M is too big I’m looking for size petite.

I’m so hungry, I just think at the moment when hors d’ oeuvre arrive.

You look so chic with that outfit!

We going to go the picnic.

I just read those sentences and I can notice how beautiful is the English language. I know other languages like Spanish had influenced the English language, maybe the German language too or other. I want to know more about this. I can not imagine a Chinese word among the Spanish language…

There are more of that I showed here, and you have pronounced  them a lot of time in your speeches.  It’ll be interesting search about how the languages influence each other.  So when somebody asks you how many words do you know in French?, please don’t lie, remember to say few ones not just oui oui.

Handling the Frustration

I think frustration is one of the most horrible word in English, isn’t it?  well there are many other horrible words in English, one of them could be wrinkle, I mentioned horrible not just because they are not easy to pronounce and what they can make you feel he he…  We can find many horrible words in all languages too.

The English teacher and coaches say… Think in English, some of them say too how do that
and others say don’t worry if you make mistakes,

and I agree with that. Now I think it is fine and necessary make mistakes in order to learn. But what about when you learner don’t understand the native American people.

Well, I have talked about patience, I remember every single day I have to be patience with my parents,
friends and with me, specially when I can’t understand people talking in English.

The frustration is too hard and makes feel stupid. Today suddenly appears like a voice in
my mine telling me… wait you don’t need to feel stupid… try cleaning your head of all those prejudices against yourself… I don’t think the babies when they are learning talk they feel or express a kind of frustration.
Just they try to do the best, and they don’t care what the adult people think about them and that’s it.
I thought …hey I am a learner and What’s the problem if I don’t understand… just be happy one day you’ll understand, just take a breath and keep studying… be patience girl. I know won’t be easy be patience but for me the first big step is recognize it. I’m going to focus in something better than my frustration.

The teachers and coaches should say us how we can handle the frustration when we don’t understand.
I just think I am like a baby learning English… so relax little girl.

R and L

Have you ever saw the earphones without these tiny R and L letters? This is a silly topic but I don’t care he he. Those who know me I think that they must have noticed that I am inclined to be the kind of people who, when I received an instruction, try to do it at face value. At least when a user manual get on my hands or something similar. Well, when I use my headphones I put the one that says R on my right ear and the one that says L on my left ear, this last time I did I notice that I really take my time about doing it and I don’t know why? Because today I started thinking about that and I really wonder people do the same as me? There is some reason for each hearing instrument to have a letter indicating which side of our head they should be on. Now it occurs to me maybe the smallest letters are there just so that the manufacturer can identify the pieces during the assembly process. I could ask to Google but I just rather to know what did you think about why is that? He he . Are you like me that you use your headphones in the place indicated or maybe you are one of those who do not stop and enjoy the same sound quality using them as you grab them?

WordPress MeetUp Caracas

And here I am trying to learn a little more about WordPress. Was an MeetUp event where we could know what is this platform. I want to be honest, I don’t have an abstract thought and understanding that is not necessary to be a designer or programmer to build a website or a blog. Oh my gosh it is still hard for my basic mind. Unless I released other guy were in pampers he he… ; that is a way to say there were other trainee. I have choice learning this in English so that makes this challenge more spicy. Well you know this kind of things are always better at English version because have more options to play. I loved the environment around this event. It seems nice belong this community. We are living in the collaborative era an WordPress show it to us.

What a movie!

That moment when your own tears says you “Hey let me show you can cry watching a movie still”… Is a great story, so romantic, funny and sad at the same time. It was my second time watching it. I thought what a wonderful is feeling emotions. If you think your hart is sufficiently hard to cry watching movies, but if you have a hart sensitive please don’t watch it. The heart-breaker movie is called Me Before You. So now is one of mines favorite movies ever. Thinking well… Is a little strange enjoying something when that makes you cry. Now you know Comedy-Drama films are the kind of movie I rather. Do you remember what was that movie made you cry?

Littles Challenges

The other day I heard to say Don’t challenge you because God will be better or something like that, but I don’t want waiting for new God’s challenge, all kind of challenges works given us new knowledge and lights to walk the path of our life; the first day when I conscientious decided to face small and new challenges I realize I could enjoy more my existent. I believe God push us having those thoughts, we are giving steps forward just when we face them. I am going to tell you what little things I have faced like a real challenge, one was the first time I cut and I sew a shirt, I kept with that fabric in my wardrobe almost one month, that day I woke up fast and after my coffee I talked myself, and I was like I am tired to fell anxieties just thinking me ruining the fabric, then I took the scissor and I just made it; I stopped thinking. Our minds are like a railway engine, isn’t it? non easy to stop it. Now I have sewed two dresses, one blouse, one skirt, one sleep dress, and inf fact I’m asking me How I did that?, I think was the hand of God. I liked to face that challenge because I could give a step forward.

My first clothes

We can draw

I could not believe it, always I thought one my sister is the drawer among the siblings, but recently that changed. I watched a video where a kind man gave some simple directions to make some fantastic cartoon faces. I just said Wow I can draw! that man was correct!. We have hidden skills that we don’t know. Here some of my draws.


Eyes and nose
Eyes and nose



mouth and ears
mouth and ears


more simple lines



Who we are?

Have you ever asked you who you are? For me that is not an easy question. I am sure many people could think that is crazy, but I think that is a way to avoid the question. Some time ago I asked some of my girlfriends and some of them asked me … Are you OK?, Are you going through difficult times? In other words… Are you crazy? he he, I wanted to know What adjectives they could see in me? When I asked myself, it wasn’t easy the response, personally I am a little hard with myself. In general, I think we don’t take sufficient time to think about it, when we try to think about it happens something like a black out in our minds. So this makes me wonder, we are what we think about our selves or what the other people think about our self? I’m sure the people should have different opinions about us.

Patience if you are a language student

Are you patience? In general, we are not patience, it is hard, we waste a lot of energy when we are not. That is one of the most important advice I have heard… Studying or learning a language is really a kind of suffering, yes it is, especially when you aren’t a baby and when the schools lie to you telling “with my method you can speak other language in 30 days”, Oh my gosh… those words had been killing my capability to be patience. I want to be honest saying I never had looked for the word Patience in the dictionary, well you don’t need to go the dictionary to know what you are saying… and guess what ? That word is related with suffering so knowing the meaning of that word that make me understand the best way you can face your learning is enjoying while you wait in one word Be Patience and be diligent.

Last time doing something for the first time

July 2017, fishing in Florida waters was one of the last and nice experiences I have lived for first time, I never imagined do it before. I like to think about it, doing new things could be a great motivation to go out of the comfort area… I still remember being surrounded by all that Blue Sea… perfect day! When was the last time you did something for the first time? And what did you do?

A cute face…

This face in my coffee was telling me happy Halloween, isn’t is nice? That made me smile that morning.

Details like that can make the difference among all the coffee stores, you know is part of the experience, so more than a simple coffee was what it made me feel, this could be the start for a relationship with that cafeteria; a face like that always deserve to take a picture.

Learn a new language and get a new soul. Czech proverb.

Since I have been studying English by myself, I have experimented a kind of phenomenon or shift in my personality well I’m not sure but definitely is something estrange. There are some studies related with this. It seems is something related with psychology.

I want to tell you what I am thinking and feeling about it. I think could be related with what you feel about that language and that new culture, Is like a new you acting and thinking but leaded over a new culture, what I feel about it is like your mind returns to that pure state it had when you started to learn your mother tong, when you were that cute baby with a clean mind and showing that pure soul ready to learn about the life.

The Get’s world

Get is the word with more room at the dictionary, for me has been like a nightmare.

Today I restarted to study about it. One of the way you can use get is GET + INFINITIVE VERB, the verbs like to wash, to finish, to phone, to kiss…, I mean To + Verb are called infinitive verb, they are the base of the verbs. When get is followed by an infinitive, it means like “have an opportunity”.

Like the major of people I learn faster with examples. Here two examples:

  1. I was at the concert but I didn’t get to see him
  2. He loved that car, He never got to buy it
  3. I get to phone my boss, but I’m shy
  4. I get to use the wash machine
  5. She get to win the lottery
  6. Although we lived in the same house for several years, I never really got to know her

To be continue…

H2O to loose weigh It isn’t a Myth

After a while taking rest because of my plantar fasciitis I gained like 5kg. It was the first day of December when I was hanging out with my girlfriend Tabatha y I saw a scale, and I was like Let me try it, but I never imagine I have gained 6 pounds, when you use leggings o sport pants you never know if you are gaining weigh. OK for me it was too much I never have had that number on the scale. Immediately I left my girlfriend’s house angry and surprised at the same time.

The next morning I thought well is December and it will be stupid make a diet, because here in my country the people eat a lot, all days are good to celebrate, but I could try drinking water like that woman I was looked on internet and she had deleted her wrinkles just drinking 3Lt of water. Then I just wanted to know if I could have a better skin, those days I had little bags below my eyes, so I did it.

I noticed when I drunk all that water, 3Lts every single day, I had more thirty that was interesting for me, during that December I binged a lot as is normal that month and no exercises, after a month I mean at the beginning of the next year I thought well is moment to star a diet and I remembered the number on the scale the last time then when I put my body on the scale I saw almost 4 kg less, and do you know what? those bags below my eyes gone too. I couldn’t believe it, so yes it works!


Measures of love ?!

I always have listened this Love has not age, I agree with that. But what about the time it needs to fall in love or to became in couple. There is some interesting information and comments about those topics where some researchers say it takes an average of ten dates so that two people who are attracted discover all that they have in common and falling in love, for me that sounds reasonable. What about became in couples? …please  tell me what do you think or maybe I should ask you What do you feel about it. In my opinion I feel that a perfect moment is just that moment when we win the battle against our fears and insecurities to be able to take the decision to take advantage of our time to live and enjoy as a couple the most beautiful feeling that exists and that makes us feel really alive, love.

Youth is an attitude not a age

These days I was thinking like I don’t want to see myself when I’m older. I think that something I have to do now to be strong and to be able to enjoy life fullest when I grow up, of course adopting a healthy lifestyle is basic but also and not least is the attitude you have now to life and before the coming days, exercise the mind and make changes in our way of thinking, stop thinking you are old because you are in your 80s, I really do not think you should be serious because you think you’re old, I think being so serious is not healthy is our responsibility to continue thinking as young even when the years go by, adopting a positive attitude of gratitude and never stop setting goals, that if from now on we practicing changing our thoughts and attitudes that hurt and sick for good vibes, and we set some small or big goals, I can think of something like studying, love yourself, looking others without reserve, to smile more, to reward us more, to allow ourselves to be mistaken, planing trips, thinking less and feeling more, believing ourselves deserving and then to make of this a custom that accompanies us until our last sigh.

A nice photo is the photographer

The photo is made by the photographer, not by the camera. No need to spend hundreds of dollars to get quality photos, today you can even do a photo studio at home with recycling materials. To have a nice photo you just must know about perspective, composition and light, these are aspects that the photographer can control even when they are using the camera of their cell phone. The photo of the pizza was used for advertising purposes in social networks and it she used a cell phone camera. Then if you feel that photography is your passion don’t wait to have that expensive camera, go and study or prepare yourself on the subject and go outside to portray life, that is a first step.

A perfect quote

That is my little blackboard, I wrote those words I read on a post, and I know I will forget those words soon although I am almost convinced that is true, I have been studying a second language and think I agree with an English teacher who says studying a second language is one of the most difficult things to learn, so maybe for that reason mi brain overheating and smoking, now writing this I smell smoke…. So just trying to learn English makes believe I am better than I think and now I have a spontaneous smile in my face he he…, I like this quote, really it makes me feel nice and smart. I want to give you that quote, maybe you are not convinced of that yet, I hope you will be soon.


Garlics playing laboratory

The other day realize What ignorant I am he he he… I bought some garlics and after three days happened this, I saw a blue almost green color among the garlics, I was like ooooh noooo I lost my garlics, but a chef told me NO no no those garlics are good still to be consumed, I was like imagine two fry eggs those were my eyes…, so the chef continued telling to me… that color is just chemical reaction between the sulfur, … yes!, the garlic contains sulfur!, how I was telling you the sulfur and a metal that can come from the cooking utensils or the water that comes from the pipes like copper, aluminum,... I don’t remember the other metal…, this reaction occurs because the garlic isn’t ripe sufficient. This color is only a chemical reaction, however, it is not related to the decomposition process, they can recover the white color just with heat. Every single day we learn something.

I can know it for your back

Recently I read in a blog about adopting a good posture makes you look taller and attractive. Now, beyond vanity to be aware of maintaining a correct posture can help us to have a better attitude to life, to project a better image of ourselves, some times when we are really sad or depress the people can know it, a bad posture could bring you a degenerative problem in your back when we reach old age. That make me remember the few moments when I almost fall in depress, and I remember perfectly my shoulders down and my back curved, one day thought …I don’t want to see me like this!, so I could be conscious about myself and my posture, and I started to practice yoga. I think stretching is related with a correct posture and our posture could be related with our mood or with hard situations from our past. In the morning the wear and tear is basic and necessary to help have a good posture from the beginning of the day, being aware helps us to correct immediately. Although it is not easy at the beginning, I think it is a great step to be aware of this issue and to correct at all times. The key awareness,  is to remember that your ears should be aligned with your shoulders, our bellies into our core. So not only to see you taller or sexy, that is really nice too,  go and stand up correctly, just up our chest and open our arms in the morning in front of our mirror makes you feel like a hero ready to live a great day, you will like seeing what images you are projecting, and I am sure you could have a better quality of life in the future. For me a good posture is like a way to show myself thankfulness to be alive and it’s like a boost keeping me walking…

You learn it and you never forget it

That is like riding a bicycle … I had a lot but a lot of time without doing it, I was afraid like the first time, well I was always afraid to hit the parking cars when I made the turns, I think because I was afraid, I fell more than once… This part was not very nice, neither was the pain in my noble parts because of the seat, as my fantasy of using a large pink bicycle was not something planned, with the comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included, the vehicle used was a super speed bike and with the seat very hard and small, It was funny, of course, although I like to see professional drivers in the Giro d’Italia, I did not have the slightest idea that there are bicycles with speeds… I am very ignorant; I know In truth, and despite of all the fright, it was very pleasant to discover that if I could do it and I could feel that breeze of liberation in my face, it was insurmountable. I have to say that I succeeded thanks to the guy from Miami, that is my coach who encouraged me. I would like to repeat the experience with my coach but using a purple bicycle with a comfortable seat like a sofa and a basket full of flowers included.

With music please

We have been thinking about how to find the way to happiness, but now we know happiness is just a decision or better told a few little decisions.  Sounds really easy, and it is! There are some things that really go far to make people feel happy. It doesn’t matter what culture you are.  One of those things is music, and I don’t know why.  Have you ever felt that   sensation in your body when you are listening to music? I am sure yes, and  I would like to know why just listening music we want to move our bodies and we feel a little happy. The life without music is so amazing and so different than a life within,I think we have a perfect relation with music, but we decide to not listen to music, or listen inconsistently.  How about if we try to recover or to built the habit to listen music almost every day in our lives? we could use an alert in our smartphones. After all,  I had forgotten, I prefer the life …with music please…

A noise competitive

The other day I was  using the vacuum at home, and remembered I don’t like doing this be cause of the noisy, I like an environment calm and silent, I remembered too a show where they are talking about qualify employee to built a cool noisy for vacuum, I thought What?? that was in one of those Nordic countries, that man is be able to built a noise to invite the costumer to buy, so those artifacts has to be very competitive talking about features, and believe it or not that man can receive a lot of money just doing that because just few people in the world can know about the perfect noise of the vacuum to be more attractive a vacuum, so the industry knows how important is the noisy at the time to make a purchase decision then the sound should be not to laud and not silent, to me was really surprised knowing more about the vacuum industry, I’ve never imagined this before.

Testing a menu

Yes!! This is definitely the best part of the process of creating a restaurant menu, it’s really nice to be guinea pigs on one occasion like that although fortunately it’s not my first time, it’s always very nice and fun, I’m sure my levels of sugar in blood and my level of body fat have risen like foam as a result of testing and testing however I can visualize running every morning to counteract this inexorable rise in weight. This time I’ve been a guinea pig trying masses of pizza, chicken wings, bacon fries, donuts, Oreo milk shake.


And one day I realized that I wanted to grow and share how much is in my head to maybe help others and face this new challenge of writing and expressing myself as part of the process in my personal growth. I have always been the observer type which has helped me to learn and now I am sure that using the written expression I will travel a new path of discovery and learning, because something good has to happen and if my words serve you for something would be the best of all.

English courses, not for me!

I think you already know grammar is not the first path you must take to learn to speak in English or other language, at least until you reach advanced intermediate level in conversation and at that point the grammar will change from being a headache to being ¨piece Of cake I understood that you have to use the most basic and simple method to learn a language and is to listen and repeat thousands of times, so one day I said ok I’m like a baby who does not know how to speak, so I asked myself … how do babies learn? Simple … watching and listening to your parents talking, watching children’s movies and listening to children’s songs over and over and over and over and over … To me I loved this method is like that you enter the English to the head very naturally, alone You must become serious and spend a couple of hours every day and another hour to write those same sentences or songs in a notebook. Get into the head that you are a baby and that of watching action films etc is very difficult, you are going to frustrate, babies do not learn with those films. I discovered these series on the PBS Kids channel and then I found them on Youtube, they are “Tiger’s Neighborhood”, “Super Why”, and in songs the best Youtube channels for me were “Super Single Songs readalong” this lyrics, ¨Little Baby Bum¨ this is fabulous because it also has kareoke for when you know the songs you can practice and with this same name you can get the versions for languages ​​other than English, another is ¨English SingSing¨ these are songs with lyrics and with kareoke and series For all levels and ¨Little Fox¨ spectacular, these are simply THE BEST, there are millions more but for you to avoid the long job of random search go direct to these that I left here.